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Thursday, March 27, 2008

my first reprimand!!!

so if you remember, i started my supervisor job in november - and here is my first shot at whipping someone in to shape!!

the body of the email:

Today we met briefly to discuss your case file audit, specifically #322349, which was not in compliance.

In response to an email sent by me on 3/9, you originally turned in your casefile for audit on 3/11. The file was returned to you on 3/11 or 3/12, with an audit checklist detailing the missing items in the file, and a request to return the file with corrections by 3/14. Included in the items missing were signatures on the Initial Case Plan and signatures on the Case Plan Review, which should be been obtained prior to 2/21 according to TJPC standards.

Your file was not turned in on 3/14.

On 3/19, an email was sent requesting all files with outstanding corrections be turned in to me on 3/20.

Your file was not turned in on 3/20.

On 3/25, an email was sent requesting that all files with outstanding corrections be turned in to me by 2 pm 3/26, or, if corrections could not be completed, a written explanation as to why not.

Your file was not turned in, and I did not receive any written reply from you.

On 3/26 at approximately 3:30 pm, I went to your office and found the file on your desk, and took it to review. I found that none of the requested corrections had been made, nor had the signatures been obtained.

I then sent you an email at 2:45 pm to come to my office.

I called you at about 4:15 pm to come meet with me.

You stated that you had not done any of the corrections, and that you were planning on doing them today or tomorrow. I requested that they be done today before you leave work. You stated that sometimes you just forget to do your case plan reviews. I responded that this was unacceptable, and that I especially needed you to have your cases in compliance, since you are my most senior officer, and younger officers look to you as an example. You acknowledged that you do not have many cases, and you stated that you had no excuse for not completing your work.

Casework handled in this incomplete and deficient way is unacceptable. Ignoring a supervisor’s repeated requests for work to be done is also unacceptable.

Please consider this email a “written verbal” reprimand. Further instances of failure to comply with standards or supervisor requests will result in a written reprimand to be included in your Personnel File.

What do you think??