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Thursday, March 27, 2008

my first reprimand!!!

so if you remember, i started my supervisor job in november - and here is my first shot at whipping someone in to shape!!

the body of the email:

Today we met briefly to discuss your case file audit, specifically #322349, which was not in compliance.

In response to an email sent by me on 3/9, you originally turned in your casefile for audit on 3/11. The file was returned to you on 3/11 or 3/12, with an audit checklist detailing the missing items in the file, and a request to return the file with corrections by 3/14. Included in the items missing were signatures on the Initial Case Plan and signatures on the Case Plan Review, which should be been obtained prior to 2/21 according to TJPC standards.

Your file was not turned in on 3/14.

On 3/19, an email was sent requesting all files with outstanding corrections be turned in to me on 3/20.

Your file was not turned in on 3/20.

On 3/25, an email was sent requesting that all files with outstanding corrections be turned in to me by 2 pm 3/26, or, if corrections could not be completed, a written explanation as to why not.

Your file was not turned in, and I did not receive any written reply from you.

On 3/26 at approximately 3:30 pm, I went to your office and found the file on your desk, and took it to review. I found that none of the requested corrections had been made, nor had the signatures been obtained.

I then sent you an email at 2:45 pm to come to my office.

I called you at about 4:15 pm to come meet with me.

You stated that you had not done any of the corrections, and that you were planning on doing them today or tomorrow. I requested that they be done today before you leave work. You stated that sometimes you just forget to do your case plan reviews. I responded that this was unacceptable, and that I especially needed you to have your cases in compliance, since you are my most senior officer, and younger officers look to you as an example. You acknowledged that you do not have many cases, and you stated that you had no excuse for not completing your work.

Casework handled in this incomplete and deficient way is unacceptable. Ignoring a supervisor’s repeated requests for work to be done is also unacceptable.

Please consider this email a “written verbal” reprimand. Further instances of failure to comply with standards or supervisor requests will result in a written reprimand to be included in your Personnel File.

What do you think??

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

which harry potter character are you?

As Cho Chang, you are pretty, popular and intelligent, but quite sensitive and vain.

hhm. well, ok.

Friday, February 08, 2008

things i never said

got this idea from K in the mirror, who originally saw it over at Swistle's.....

basically, you think of things you want to say (or wanted to say) to someone, and just say it here. no backstory, no names, just put it out there.

This is gonna feel great. here goes....

1. your voice is so annoying. i can't believe you actually talk that way on purpose. can you not hear yourself? please, please speak like a normal, grown person.

2. just because you're blind doesn't mean that everyone around you is your servant!! all the times i've helped you, and you never say thank you!!?? i'm sorry for your handicap, but it doesn't give you license to be a jerk to everyone!!!!!

3. i think he's wrong for you. i think you guys are getting married for the wrong reasons, and although i wish you well, i can't help but think you're making a mistake.

4. well of course she left you. maybe you could have avoided the whole divorce by not marrying someone you only knew for 4 months in the first place.

5. you are a selfish, piggy little bitch. although it doesn't surprise me, given that your mother is a selfish, piggy bitch too.

6. do you really like me? i can't tell. i mean, sometimes when you say hello, you have this weird look in you eye, like you're annoyed that i'm even in the room with you. i want you to like me!

7. i know you meant well. it was as much my fault as it was yours. there was so much i held back from you, it's no wonder i felt like you didn't know me. i was in such a weird place in my life, that i can't even remember how it felt to be me in love with you. and i'm not sure if i ever really was. i'm much happier now, and i hope you are too. and for what it's worth, i'm sorry.

8. hey, quit lying. everyone knows you had the surgery, so you can stop telling us all that you lost 75 pounds in 6 weeks by doing weight watchers.

i could go on and on and on.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

gambling, helping needy mothers, and prizes!!

hey everyone -

just doing a little promotion for my friend aimee over at The Mother Load. She is expecting her newest Bun in the Oven almost any day now, and she's running a little baby stat guessing pool.

entries are $1 apiece, and the proceeds will all go directly to a shelter for abused pregnant women. Winner will recieve their choice of prizes worth fifty dollars!!!!

go check it out - plus she's a cool chick whose blog is always good for a laugh or a warm fuzzy feeling.

Friday, January 04, 2008

just popping in to say hello....

loving my new job! there's a lot of tweaking to do in this unit - a lot of people have been allowed to do shoddy work for quite a while, and i'm slowly trying to implement some policies to make things more efficient and more accurate. meeting some resistance, but all in all, i think i'm being effective.

and yes, i'm still in my little office, but i had a talk with "dave" the other day, and he assures me he's retiring this year, and his office will be vacant. we'll see. but i told him i'm fine where i'm at, and not to leave on my account. i don't really have enough stuff to fill up that big old office anyway.........

i've enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs about the holidays, seeing pics of happy excited kids, and all the rest. christmas was great for us too, and here are the happy faces to document the glorious occasion!!!

and before christmas, we also had my neice lorelei's baptism:

and my mother-in-law's birthday party:

on new year's day, my sister and her family came with us to bayou wildlife park, to see all the cool safari animals! camels, rhinos, giraffes, antelope, plus a couple longhorn cattle and a buffalo. llamas, ostriches, emus, deer, goats, sheep, and donkeys. lots of fun!

so now we are back to work, school, and normal life.

can you believe they already have valentine's day stuff up!!?? can't i get a second to breathe?

anyway, happy new year to all, hoping you all have peace in your homes.

Friday, December 07, 2007

here i am again....need help with a work issue!!

so i guess i've sort of become an on again off again blogger.

this transition has been a little hectic, but i'm getting into the swing of the supervisor thing. it is continuously surprising how much grown people try to weasle out of work. and act like 10 year olds.

but here is the biggest dilemma facing me. when our unit was formed, there was only one administrator and one supervisor. when the department moved to our new building last year, our unit was assigned offices in a space that actually has 3 management offices. so the administrator and supervisor got two of those, and the 3rd was given to the officer in the unit who had the most seniority with the department. i'll call him dave. he also happens to be the laziest officer probably in the whole department, but we'll get to that later. so anyway, now that i'm promoted, there are 3 managers, but i was told that i will have a regular office (with no window) until dave retires, and then i can have the big office. needless to say this doesn't sit well with me. to add insult to injury, my small office is right across the hall from him. so he grins up at me from his big desk every day, knowing it pisses me off.

so when all this went down, i didn't throw a fit, and i didn't complain or demand the big office. i figured it was a test to see what kind of team player i am or how i'm going to react to edicts from the big boss. since my unit is full of veteran officers, many of whom have been in the department longer than me, i figured jumping in and throwing my weight around would be counter productive. and as i ease into this role, i think i made the right decision about that.

but now here's a wrinkle in the plot. another officer, we'll call her laura, is leaving the unit. she currently has a window office, not a big one, but a window nonetheless. so my boss offered that one to me, again indicating that dave needs to stay in the big one because of seniority. now i think it's getting just a little ridiculous. as long as people are moving, dave can pack his stuff and get on out of my office. i think this time i may say something.

am i just being petty? i mean, i can do my job just as well behind any size desk, with or without a window. but it's the principle of the thing!!


and now there's a new twist.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

halloween pics!!!

yes, this is sadie tiger kissing daddy gorilla!!