Within Me Without Me

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

which harry potter character are you?

As Cho Chang, you are pretty, popular and intelligent, but quite sensitive and vain.

hhm. well, ok.

Friday, February 08, 2008

things i never said

got this idea from K in the mirror, who originally saw it over at Swistle's.....

basically, you think of things you want to say (or wanted to say) to someone, and just say it here. no backstory, no names, just put it out there.

This is gonna feel great. here goes....

1. your voice is so annoying. i can't believe you actually talk that way on purpose. can you not hear yourself? please, please speak like a normal, grown person.

2. just because you're blind doesn't mean that everyone around you is your servant!! all the times i've helped you, and you never say thank you!!?? i'm sorry for your handicap, but it doesn't give you license to be a jerk to everyone!!!!!

3. i think he's wrong for you. i think you guys are getting married for the wrong reasons, and although i wish you well, i can't help but think you're making a mistake.

4. well of course she left you. maybe you could have avoided the whole divorce by not marrying someone you only knew for 4 months in the first place.

5. you are a selfish, piggy little bitch. although it doesn't surprise me, given that your mother is a selfish, piggy bitch too.

6. do you really like me? i can't tell. i mean, sometimes when you say hello, you have this weird look in you eye, like you're annoyed that i'm even in the room with you. i want you to like me!

7. i know you meant well. it was as much my fault as it was yours. there was so much i held back from you, it's no wonder i felt like you didn't know me. i was in such a weird place in my life, that i can't even remember how it felt to be me in love with you. and i'm not sure if i ever really was. i'm much happier now, and i hope you are too. and for what it's worth, i'm sorry.

8. hey, quit lying. everyone knows you had the surgery, so you can stop telling us all that you lost 75 pounds in 6 weeks by doing weight watchers.

i could go on and on and on.....