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Friday, January 04, 2008

just popping in to say hello....

loving my new job! there's a lot of tweaking to do in this unit - a lot of people have been allowed to do shoddy work for quite a while, and i'm slowly trying to implement some policies to make things more efficient and more accurate. meeting some resistance, but all in all, i think i'm being effective.

and yes, i'm still in my little office, but i had a talk with "dave" the other day, and he assures me he's retiring this year, and his office will be vacant. we'll see. but i told him i'm fine where i'm at, and not to leave on my account. i don't really have enough stuff to fill up that big old office anyway.........

i've enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs about the holidays, seeing pics of happy excited kids, and all the rest. christmas was great for us too, and here are the happy faces to document the glorious occasion!!!

and before christmas, we also had my neice lorelei's baptism:

and my mother-in-law's birthday party:

on new year's day, my sister and her family came with us to bayou wildlife park, to see all the cool safari animals! camels, rhinos, giraffes, antelope, plus a couple longhorn cattle and a buffalo. llamas, ostriches, emus, deer, goats, sheep, and donkeys. lots of fun!

so now we are back to work, school, and normal life.

can you believe they already have valentine's day stuff up!!?? can't i get a second to breathe?

anyway, happy new year to all, hoping you all have peace in your homes.


  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger T with Honey said…

    Worse than the Valentines stuff were the bathing suits I saw at Target when I was trying to find snow boots this week.

    Your holidays sound wonderful. Happy New Year!!


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