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Monday, October 08, 2007

another difficult day

so my big girl sadie started daycare today. i'm a little less worried about her than i was about aidan. she never has done the total meltdown thing like he did, and she was a little less spoiled by cha cha....

she did cry this morning though. clutched at my neck and knees, with big fat tears and stomping her little feet. man this is hard.

i called a few minutes ago, and she's not screaming anymore (she's been there for about an hour and a half) but she will play a little, then whimper and cry a little, then play some more. i hope she eats well. that should help.

she is actually only 16 months and they have her in the 18 month to 24 month classroom. which originally was a mistake, but since she doesn't use a pacifier or drink from a bottle, and is walking and talking, i think she'll be fine. better, actually, because i don't want her regressing to needing a bottle again. and she is pretty tough, having 3 older brothers and all. and usually pretty outgoing and gregarious. the only thing i worry about with her in with the (barely) older kids is that she'll nap on a mat instead of in a crib, which she's never done. but then again, neither had aidan, and it never bothered him.

friday was really really hard, being cha cha's last day and all. she held it together pretty well until she gave me back her set of house keys. then she teared up, and i did too. aidan had stayed home sick from school that day too. so at least she got to spend all day with both of them. i told her we'll visit her often, hopefully every week. i don't want the kids to not know her. or miss her too much.

anyway, send some prayers and good vibes my way! help me make it through the day!


  • At 9:05 AM, Blogger ChupieandJ'smama said…

    Prayers going out your way! It just breaks your heart when they cry like that. She'll get used to it. It just takes time. Hugs to both of you!!


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