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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

deja vu

so here we are full circle.

about a year ago when i began this blog, one of my first posts was a lament about the woes of the air conditioner going out in the middle of a hot houston summer.

and here we go again.

it was 110 degrees here yesterday, y'all, and we have no a/c. i called at 6 pm yesterday and made an appointment for the a/c guys to come, and they said no problem, we'll be there between 8 and 11. cool. i also have doctor's appointments for aidan and i - we are both in the throes of upper respiritory infections, complete with hacking cough and snottiness. but here it is 10:00 and the thought occurred to me that maybe they showed up at 8:05, and left because we weren't quite home from the hotel we spent the night in last night. (i got home at 8:10 am!) so i called, and the girl told me that they're running a little behind today, we won't be able to get there til later this afternoon. our appointments are at 1 and 1:30. so i had to reschedule the a/c guys for 3pm, and just hope that we're out of the doctor's office by then. what a day. the only good thing about it is that i'm not at work stressing out about all the new hires and cursing all my coworkers in my head. that does make me happy!

so, hope you all are having a good day.

and thanks for participating in katie's name poll from last post - if you haven't voted yet, please do!!!


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