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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

day number 2

well, it wasn't as bad as expected....

first let me say thanks for the prayers and well wishes!!!

ok, so to finish out the day yesterday...i called them about a hundred bazillion times, and every time they were very sweet and gave me an update, and let me listen to the monitor on the room. he had calmed down, and even played with the other kiddos a little. he would play, then cry some, then play, then cry. he ate a bite or two of his lunch. and he actually did lay down for nap time, and slept for about forty minutes. i was shocked! but then, they said he woke up, and pretty much freaked out again. they brought him up to the front office (there's a little play room right there where the kids can wait to be picked up) so they could let the other kids sleep. he was inconsoleable for about an hour, at which point they called and suggested that maybe it would be a good time to pick him up. i had already planned to leave work at 2 to get him, so leaving at 1:30 wasn't too much off target. anyway, by the time i got there, he was calmed down, had eaten a popsicle, and was playing cars with one of the staff. when he saw me, he started crying again, and ran to choke me around my neck. but that only lasted about 20 seconds, and then, get this: he grabbed my hand and wanted to take me back to his classroom! i was so pleased that he still wanted to be there, just didn't want to be alone. so we walked back and got his things, and played a little, then left.

they also suggested that maybe half days would be best for the first week or two. which is fine - cha cha can pick him up at noon. i wish he could stay for nap time, but we'll work up to that. and - even though they don't usually do it, they offered to only charge us half while he's only coming half days. wow. they really are super nice there. i knew there was a reason we waited a year for this place!!!!

so, now to this morning. again, i was shocked that he still wanted to go! he had no problem getting up, getting ready, and was telling me, "go go, mommy!!" and hopped right into the car. wow. however, it all went downhill when we pulled up in front of the daycare. he started crying, and saying "no not there, mommy!!" he didn't fight me to go in - i still think he likes being there, just wants me to be there too. we went into the classroom, put down his things, and went to the cafeteria to eat his breakfast. he wasn't interested at all. kept crying. i decided not to prolong the agony, and gave him a kiss and told him i love you and cha cha will come pick you up soon. when i called an hour later, they said he was playing fine with the other kiddos, and had only cried for 20 minutes or so. wow.

so i guess it's going better than i thought it would. he's acclimating, and i can't wait to see the benefits of being in a more structured environment. i'm hoping his behavior will improve too now that he will have more consistent limits too. and i hope he'll start to talk more too. i'm dying to be able to have a real conversation with my son. i want to know what he thinks and feels about stuff.

anyway - one day at a time.

here's a question though - i'm a little uncomfortable with the arrangement of me taking him in the morning, and cha cha (our nanny) picking him up (rescuing him!) in the afternoon. will he resent me for being the one to abandon him? or am i thinking too much?


  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger Aimee said…

    Thinking too much - tons of kids at The Boy's preschool are picked up by other people (grandparents/neighbors/aunts, etc) and he has started asking me if someone else will come and pick him up!
    He'll get used to the place, he will thrive, and all will be OK. He'll just do it on his own time - and the place sounds very kind about him acclimating to the environment :)

  • At 12:37 PM, Blogger T with Honey said…

    Don't worry about cha cha picking him up. I do drop off and Honey does pick up. Princess doesn't resent me or see me as the one to abandon her. She also doesn't see Honey as coming to her rescue.

    i still think he likes being there, just wants me to be there too Oh, I believe that would be Princess's dream-come-true. She likes school and her friends and her teachers and the activities but would LOVE it if I would stay there with her.

    Aimee is right. He'll get used to the place, the people and the routine and everything will be fine.

  • At 12:52 PM, Blogger Carrie said…


    thanks y'all. i am feeling better about the whole deal.

    it's funny - so many parents are sad that their baby is growing up - i'm kind of the opposite! i want him to be bigger and talk more, and mature a little bit, and i knew it just wasn't happening by staying at home. now i'm not ready for him to go off to school or get his driver's license or anything, just happy to see him be more big kid and less baby.

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    I'm so glad things are moving along!


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