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Monday, November 13, 2006

halloween pics and other stuff

sadie the fairy princess!

aidan the elephant!

finally got these downloaded....

aidan really didn't like wearing the costume - he loved looking at it though, and saying "fuh fuh!" (his word for elephant...)

he had a lot of fun giving out candy at the door... more so than going out gathering it. and sadie just smiled and laughed all night. she really enjoys seeing people, so the constant stream of new faces really excited her. so much that she spit up all over her pretty dress. but, it's nothing a little hand washing won't take care of.

so this weekend we went, kind of on a whim, to the renaissance festival. jerry, noah, me, and the babies. aidan was very excited to see a real "fuh fuh", and we even got to ride it! the ride lasted all of about 45 seconds, and cost $4. i do love ren fest, but it is really a money trap. kind of makes me glad we didn't get there until 2 pm. sadie did really well, too. again, i think the steady stream of interesting people and faces just captivated her. she is so smiley. and apparently, she really is beautiful - i'm not just biased!! people were constantly stopping and telling us how pretty she is. lord help us when she gets to be a teenager. jerry's going to have her dressing like a quaker to discourage the boys...

on the way home from the festival, we stopped by my sister's house to see their new place. such a pretty house! and i'm glad i got to see it finally, since they've been back in town for months. anyone who is not familiar with houston doesn't realize that even though two people may say they live in houston (my sister and i, for example) we really live over an hour apart. when people who aren't from here ask where you live, it's kind of pointless to say "pearland" or "pasadena" or "cypress" because no one knows where the suburbs are. you just say houston, and are done with it. it's just funny, because there are some states that you can't even drive one direction for an hour without leaving the state itself.

anyway, apparently, my sister and her husband read my blog sometimes, so that's cool. two more readers than i thought i had. hi guys!

so i should quit writing, and get to work. my boss is out today, which is going to make it really hard to actually accmplish anything....did i tell you i'm a slacker?

happy monday.......


  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger Gail Martin said…

    The kids look so cute. You are lucky your baby loves people. My grandson gets fussy when he is in public. I hope he soon outgrows it.

    It was nice that you got to visit with your sister. Every town has its dynamics that outsiders don't get. I did not realize that Houston was so large. It takes me 45 minutes to an hour to drive to see my parents but it is a 30-mile trip.

  • At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your kids are so cute. Love the little elephant and the princess is beautiful (no, your not biased:D). Glad you had a good time at the festivle. My little one probably wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes.


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