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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

works for me wednesday

i'm sure you've all seen them, but my works for me today is the baby bjorn. here's a pic of me with aidan sadie in it - well, mostly it's just a pic of me and the kids.... :-)

love love love this thing. enables me to hold two sleepy babies at the same time. daddy would help, but sometimes only mommy will do.... so it stays in the car, and is the only reason i can get anything done if i have to take sadie and aidan anywhere together. i have friends who use it around the house too, so their babies don't scream while they're vacuuming or whatever. i've had another baby carrier too, an eddie bauer one that i ended up selling on ebay, because it just wasn't as nice as this one. the baby bjorn is soft cotton, easily adjustable, and feels really firm, like i know it's not going to pop open and have my baby spilling out. and i got it as a gift from some college buddies aryn, mary, jen and heid. love you guys!

so - consider that free advertising, bjorn people!

that's what works for me!

don't forget to visit shannon at rocks in my dryer, the hostess of works for me wednesday, for more tips!


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