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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

follow up on the poll, toddler beds, and other things

since i know everyone is dying to know, i followed the mandate from the people, and did laundry last weekend. i managed to get about 2/3 of the way done. all the stuff we needed, at least. except for the babies' clothes, which i threw in last night. poor aidan, i was trying to get him ready to go in a hurry so we could get to the polling place by 7. he had no clean socks, so i put some mismatched one that were too small on him. couldn't find his new thomas the train shoes, so i put his old used-to-be-white nikes on him. thought i had grabbed the blue sweatpants we just bought him, but when i put them on, they were his old too short ones, but i was a bad, rushed mommy, so i just tugged them down on his hips a little, to cover the tops of his mismatched socks. it's dark outside at 6:30 now, no one will see the difference, right!

so jerry comes home to get us, and i'm all set to go, but he takes one look at aidan and says "why do you have those short pants on him? let me go put some jeans on him...carrie, his socks don't even match! he's dressed like a stepchild! where are his new shoes?"

oh well. at least he took care of all the changing, and didn't harass me too much.

and we made it to vote with about 5 minutes to spare.

in other news, in addition to doing laundry, we did put up aidan's toddler bed, and have attempted to persuade him to sleep in it. the bed was mine when i was little - my dad made it and a matching one for my twin sister. she has the other one. so right now, it's just plain white, as we figured the original rainbow on the headboard did not suit our son. when we get it decorated, i'll post a pic.

anyway, the first night, we let aidan stay up late to get him good and tired, so he'd fall asleep easily. he fell asleep watching movies with his brothers, so putting him in bed was fine. he sleeps like a tornado though, so he fell out of the bed twice. i'm downstairs in bed, and i hear this THUMP-waaaaah! so i run upstairs and he's tangled up in his blanket, still half asleep. good thing the bed is very low to the ground. i put him back in bed, and he's snoring again right away. once more this happens, then finally at about 2:00 am, he woke up, got out of bed, came downstairs and stood whining by my side of the bed until i pulled him in with me. tornado time in bed with us, and jerry and i both are subjected to feet in the ribs all night. similar experiences on sunday night. monday night he wasnt' as tired, but i was. i tried to get him to stay in bed by sitting next to it and laying my head on his pillow next to his. bad idea. you guessed it - i fell asleep sitting next to the bed, while aidan hopped in and out of bed and finally went back downstairs to play on the computer with daddy. jerry came upstairs about 45 minutes later, laughing at me. he woke me up, and said, ok honey, aidan won this time. aidan 1, mommy 0. let all go to bed, and we'll try again tomorrow night. needless to say, i had a horrible crick in my back yesterday!!

but last night went really well. let him stay up late again, but this time i put him in bed still awake but very drowsy. sat next to him, sang his little bedtime song, and he fell asleep, and stayed in there all night til 5:30 am! what a big boy!!! a few more nights of that, and maybe we can move sadie to the crib, and finally have our room back!!!

one of these days i'm actually going to download pics from halloween too, so y'all can see my cute cute kiddos. ah, well, i'll try to do it tonight.

better quit blogging at work!


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