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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


so y'all see the mother's day button over there?! they're giving away free stuff - cool! it's open to non-bloggers too, (katie!) so click on over here and enter.

mother's day....ahh. all i want is to sit on the couch, do no housework, eat ice cream, and watch the astros game. don't have to buy me any jewelry, although flowers would be cool. that's it. i'm easy to please.

our anniversary is the 17th, though.....we'll have to think of something good to do. maybe even (gasp!) a night on the town? get a sitter and all? wow. can i just tell you i don't even remember what the inside of a bar looks like. sad.

my sister and i are planning to go to a 'stros game sunday after mother's day for our birthday (which is the 25th). leave jerry with all the kids. he may need to call for backup....

so anyway,still no easter or swingset pics. now our internet is down at the house, and i can only post from work. ggrrrrr. time warner is coming out today. so we'll see.

happy wednesday!!


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