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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a funny thing happened about the swingset

so still no pics, but here's a funny story.

jerry got the swingset at walmart (i know, we're supporting the conglomerate, and i'm not thrilled about it either, but you can't argue with saving $400.)

he went asking for the set that was advertised, and they had a bunch of them in boxes. some sets were comprised of 2 or 3 boxes, some were contained in only one. the one we wanted cost about $500, and was in 2 boxes. there was one a little smaller that came in one box. so while they were looking for ours, they found a set that was one step nicer/bigger than ours, originally $850, but marked down to $500. right on! so they set out looking for the boxes for that one. it comes in 4 boxes, and they could only locate 3 out of the 4. oh well. so we got the $500 one.

so jerry and his brother start putting this thing together. on the directions it says it will take 2 people working together about 2 hours to assemble. they started at 7 pm sunday night. they were out there until about 12:30 in the morning, and still were only about 1/2 done. and these are handy guys too. i mean, jerry fixes appliances for a living, and his brother is a mechanic. they know their way around power tools. but anyway, jerry finished it up on monday morning, and the kids went nuts. they climbed and played and played and climbed.

but guess what - they still had a whole box full of parts and wood left over. apparently the boxes that the skilled and clever walmart workers gave him consisted of 1) box number 1 of 2 of the set we purchased, and 2) box number 1 of 1 of the set that is smaller. so the set that is in our backyard that the kids are in love with only cost about $300 (except that it cost us $500). and we have 1/2 of the $500 set sitting in the backyard. so jerry went back to the store and told them what happened. the manager was very nice, and said they would just write it off, since jerry wasn't about to spend however many hours taking the thing apart and packing it back up. so they gave us the second box for the one we bought, and now jerry and his brother (if he can be bribed into putting another swingset together...) have to spend another 8 hours building the big one! we're going to donate the first one to our church bazaar for the auction. (hello, tax write-off)

but in the meantime, the kids will be playing on the one we have....jerry has to work the next three saturdays. lord only knows when he'll actually get to work on the next swingset.

nothing is ever simple.


  • At 2:39 PM, Blogger T with Honey said…

    Glad things got straightened out with your purchase at the 'Mart'. I've been avoiding the store lately because twice in a row last month the cashiers were too busy paying attention to my toddler and trying to hurry me away so they could move on to the next customer. The first time I didn't realize I was missing a bag with some shirts in it until the next day. I tried to reclaim it but was SOL. The next event I stood there reviewing my purchases against my receipt as the cashier scowled at me... until I pointed out that I was missing items and she sheepishly noticed the 2 huge bags facing her on the 'bagging carousel'.

  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger ChupieandJ'smama said…

    We hired someone to put up our swingset. That is how "not handy" my hubby is. It took 3 guys (carpenters) 3 days to build it. Can you imagine if we tried to do it ourselves?


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