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Monday, April 09, 2007

b day update

so many people have asked about how the b-day reunioun dinner went - i guess because i was so excited, and blabbed about it to everyone i know. it was so hard, because i tell jerry everything, and trying to keep this from him was really difficult. but it was great!!!

we played 20 questions on the way there. he didn't want to wear the blindfold, so i made him promise to close his eyes. and he did. if we had had more time, i might have driven around in circles a while to try to throw him off, but as it was, we were just going to make it at 7pm, so i didn't. I did give him a box of chocolates (wrapped so he couldn't tell what it was) in the car to shake and pretended it was his gift. they were actually a hostess gift for karen....

He was very surprised when we pulled up at a house, and not a restaurant. we walked up to the door, and she was standing in the foyer, grinning and waving. she and her husband met us at the door, and were both so excited and hugged us both. jerry was grinning ear to ear too, and we were all just instantly comfortable together. like the four of us hang out all the time. it was great. their son was taking a nap when we got there, so aidan and sadie played with his toys for a while while the grownups talked. mike was making dinner, so we just congregated in the kitchen. they are really cool people. when their son woke up, he and aidan played really well together too. he is 4, and aidan is almost 3. their son has had speech delays also, and i think that kind of makes them more compatible, since neither one was intimidating the other by jabbering away. they were sooo cute together, and by the end of the evening, they were saying each other's names, and thier son was saying "that boy stay at my house?" and when we told him no, he had to go home, he was very upset. (i darn near cried!) so we've promised to get together again soon so they can play. jerry said that was probably his favorite part of the night, watching aidan and their son play together so well.

jerry had a great time, and i know i scored big. i had fun too - we all just got along great. and they live so close to our house. awesome.

of course i forgot to bring the camera. but i don't know how she feels about her or her kid on the internet, so i guess it's just as well.

as far as the rest of jerry's birth-weekend, it all went well. i also got him a digital picture frame that displays photos loaded off the memory card - he loved it. aidan loves to watch the pictures scroll through on the screen, and he just stands there and names everyone he sees. it's pretty cute. jerry also got a year's subscription to the Magnificat, which is a catholic monthly publication of daily readings and reflections. he has been trying to start each day off with prayer, and this is a good addition/reminder for that. or maybe we can even do it together in the mornings before we get moving. then we went to dinner with his mom and brother and nieces/nephew. all in all, it was a good birthday, he said.

and he does pass on a bit thank you to all of you who wished him happy bday in comments!!! :-)

i'll sign off for now, and post about easter later. hope you all had a wonderful and blessed easter weekend.


  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Aimee said…

    Sounds like a great time was had by all! Yay for new/old friends.
    Hope you all had a Happy Easter as well.


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