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Sunday, January 28, 2007

dress dilemma

ok, so here are my pics. this one, i won already, and got it, but it is too big. big in the bust, and too long. but it's gorgeous, and i let my friend try it on to see if she can wear it. she says she has to lose about 6 lbs, and she's going to try b/c she loves it too.

this is a dress i put an offer on, but i won't hear back for another 6 hours. it's a size 12, so it may not fit. i really need a 14. also, the asking price was $250, so i doubt if they'll take my $50 offer. yes, i'm being cheap, but i'm not paying $250!!!

oh, and there's a slim-to-none chance that i'll look like that chick in the picture anyway.

so i went shopping yesterday, and found next to nothing. went to one resale boutique, and found a beautiful dress that fit well, but was kind of plain (all black except for a white band at the top of the bodice) and it was missing the hook and eye in the back. and needed to be cleaned. and they wanted $100 for it. no thanks. so i'll have to figure out a way to go shopping again this week. did i mention the dinner dance is this saturday coming??


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