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Saturday, January 06, 2007

end of the 12 days...

so the is the recap of the 12 days of christmas gifts for the hubby - pear tart, turtle candy + dove candy bar, chikfila giftcards, 4 phone calls during the day, onion rings, eggs for breakfast, prayers, milkshake, 9 lotto tickets, my name is earl season one, and for the last two...

day eleven (pipers piping) was an itunes gift card. thanks for the idea, kelli. except that i lost the card somewhere, and havent' found it yet to give to him. but i told him what it was, and he was happy about that. and day 12 was fried chicken for dinner. you know, drumsticks. yeah kind of a stretch, but we both felt like chicken, and it was better than the idea i had at first, which was to bake a cake and decorate it like a drum. we have enough sweets around here already. jerry had so much fun with this. he told me he was going to miss getting his envelope every day. and i enjoyed doing it for him. so much that i'll probably do it again next year. so i have a year to come up with new gifts for the days. oh boy.

just in case anyone was wondering, i finally got my hair cut again. she really didn't cut as much off as i think i wanted, but it's definitely shaped better. and it's all highlighted too, which is cool. i think i might have to give up trying to color my hair myself. before when i was younger and had long hair, it wasn't a problem if it didn't look great. but now, being a working woman and all, with shorter hair, it really makes a difference to leave it to the pros. i just wish it wasn't so damn expensive. maybe next time i'll go up to the community college and get it done by the cosmetology students. i did that once before, and it looked great. it just took them about 4 hours.

so my mom called today, and said she had no plans for next weekend, and would love to come up and spend some time, and watch the babies for us so we could go out on saturday night. Huh!!?? this is the first time that's ever happened. but hey, it's cool. so now we're working on our big plans for a big date on saturday. don't want to spend a lot of money, but do want to do something we can't do with babies. we'll probably end up going to see a movie, but i want it to be more that just that. we'll see. i wish we could go out drinking somewhere, but i really don't want my mom to see me coming home drunk. i know i'm grown up and all and it's my house, but i think i'd still feel kinda funny.

so i hope you're having a good weekend. back to the laundry.


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