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Monday, January 01, 2007

more 12 days

just for an update, i'm doing the 12 days of christmas gifts for the hubby. i shamelessly stole this idea from kelli in the mirror's post here.

ok, so we left off at 6, right? six geese a laying traslates into eggs. i don't have goose egges, so chicken eggs have to do.

on six geese a laying day, i got up early with him since he had to work that saturday, and made him eggs for breakfast. he just recently bought an eggmaker/toaster that cooks a poached egg in exactly the same time it takes to toast 2 pieces of bread or english muffin, in order to make a perfect egg sandwich. it even has a steamer tray for a piece of ham to heat up while the egg is cooking. jerry believes that this is the absolute best invention in the history of the world. i'm not 100% sure he's wrong on that. so i sent him off to work with a warm egg sandwich then climbed back into bed.

day 7 was hard. swans a swimming? so i looked up the song, and apparently there's a myth attached to it that the numbered items correlate to symbols of christianity that early catholics would sing so they could celebrate their faith, but not be persecuted for it. here's an example of the explanation for that.

so,i wrote in the card:
"this is my gift to you today: in the song, the seven swans a swimming represent the 7 sacraments God gave us. one of them is marriage and another is Holy Eucharist. Today, as we take communion together, my prayers will focus on you, as i thank God for you, and ask Him to stregthen and bless you and give you peace, wisdom, and faith to guide us, your family, in His path."

he got all teary and said it was the best present yet. well, second maybe to the chickfila. that's my man.

and then at church yesterday, he poked me before communion and said, hey remember, your supposed to pray for me!! he really is enjoying this, and i'm having fun with it too.

today is 8 maids a milking. i'm gonna make him a killer milkshake with the peanut butter passion ice cream we have in the freezer. top it off with some crumbled reeses p/b cups. he'll be so excited!

oh, by the way, new years was nice and relaxed. we just hung out here, and jerry took the older boys out to do fireworks. they had to drive out to the next town over, since our city has an ordinance against fireworks. they went to this brand new neighborhood out in the middle of nowhere and popped a few, but then some cars showed up with lights, and they thought they might be cops or security guards, so they hopped in the car and sped off. the kids had as much fun "running from the law" then they would have shooting fireworks all night apparently. now i'm really hoping that alec doesnt' learn to love that kind of "rush" yet.

anyway, they were only gone about an hour or so, so in that time, i was able to complete my address book that i just bought, updating it with all the addresses from the christmas cards we recieved, and file away the picture/letter cards we got. i think that was a works for me wednesday idea, and i think it's a great one. so years from now we can look at the pictures and update letters from our families and friends and remember what was going on then.

so that brings us to today. i'm awake with the little ones, but everyone else is still fast asleep, since we were up til 2 am. looking forward to another lazy day.



  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Aimee said…

    I really am going to totally jack that 12 days of Christmas idea for next year. Rob would love it!
    Happy New Year!

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    Oh, I like your day seven idea. I used something else- friends of ours just moved into a new house with a killer outdoor jacuzzi and I got us an evening to ourselves the next time they go out. :) We can be the swans a'swimming. Or the orcas. Whatever.

  • At 6:10 PM, Blogger Jenn said…

    You're so creative!


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