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Monday, November 20, 2006

back from the almost dead!

so finally on friday, i was done with the fever part of being sick. still coughing and hacking, but at least i'm not alternating shivering and sweating. and now this week, i am on blessed vacation!! staying home with the kiddos. i haven't had a vacation from work for any holidays for three years - i've either been saving time off to have a baby, or depleted of time off from having used it to have a baby. but this year, i have 6 total vacation days to split between thanksgiving and christmas. i'm so excited! i get to play at being a stay at home mom this week.

so on to the catching up part. last night, jerry and i cut aidan's hair. you've seen the long hair hippie boy in recent posts (i'd link to the pic, but i haven't figured out how...)

well, just a little background on my boy - he hates to have his hair cut. i mean, screaming, spitting, writing, crying, bloody murder kind of hate. i don't know where he got this insane fear. it doesn't matter if it's a stranger or us, scissors or clippers, he just absolutely freaks the hell out. last time i took him to get a haircut i had to sit in the chair and hold him, and we both ended up covered in spit, snot and hair. i swore i'd never take him again.

so yesterday i bought a kid clipper that is supposed to be quiet. we played with it first, and daddy pretended to cut his hair with it, and we buzzed it on our hands and his hands to try to make it non-threatening. no go. he was already squirmy and saying nononononono no no no! so we had to just go ahead and hold him. at least it wasn't in public again though. so look at all the beautiful hair we took of his head!!

and the final result? a very short, but cute cut, but with a few longish pieces that i'll have to try to get with a pair of scissors while he's taking his nap....

on to more fun with the crazy son. he played outside for over an hour today. sadie and i sat out on the porch and watched and played with the dogs for a while, then went inside. i just left the backdoor open while he was outside, so he could come in and out. that's one thing i love about houston - it's so beautiful ouside, we can open windows and doors, and turn off the a/c for most of the month of november, and probably half of december some years. but i digress. we have a big metal tub in the back, full of water for the dogs. it's easier than filling up their small bowls every day, and it's a foot or so deep, so it stays cooler in the hot hot summer. i dumped it out while we were outside today, because adian had thrown a jar of bubbles into it, and i didn't want any messy doggy indigestion issues. so when it was nice and full of clean, cold water, i went back inside. came out a few minutes later to find aidan stripped down and sitting in the tub. i laughed so hard at my silly little hick boy. so i let him splash around a little while, then hauled his chilly butt out of there.

anyway, it's lunch time for me and the munchkins. see you later!


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