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Friday, September 08, 2006

September is here already?

Where does the time go? it' already into september. we have been kept busy with all the beginnings of the year - school, baseball, scouts, cross country, cce classes, and our marriage prep ministry. we are gradually settling down into a routine i think, but these days, nothing is routine! sometimes i just feel like i'm barely holding it all togehter for this family with all the comings and goings, but i guess somehow, it all works out.

i have so been looking forward to unitas starting - this is the marriage preparation program that jerry and i participate in at church. we along with 9 other couples sponsor a group of engaged couples, and present information and discussion regarding different aspects of the marriage sacrament. it is such an interesting program, and we get so much out of it even as presenters. while helping others discern their readiness for marriage, we get the added benefit of stregnthening our own as well, by keeping God at the center of our marriage. it sounds hokey sometimes, but it really is true.

our session that we will present on is in two weeks - it's about "family of origin." this is where we talk about what characteristics, traits, traditions, shortcomings, and strengths each person brings to the relationship from his/her own family, and how they will or have influenced their relationship. it's always a fun topic to discuss with the married and engaged couples, as everyone has stories about inlaws, cultural differences, and personality quirks associated with family. for example.... growing up, i was always barefoot. i mean, of course i had shoes to wear, but we just always kicked off our shoes at the house, and there was no reason to put them on again unless you were going out somewhere. and especially during the summer time, i rarely had shoes on. as kids we would play all day outside in the yard or in the street, barefoot. i loved those days. anyway, in jerry's family, it was different - they always had shoes on. jerry's parents didn't want anyone to think that they couldn't afford shoes for their kids, so the kids always had shoes. so now jerry berates me when i let aidan run around outside barefoot with just a diaper on, like a little redneck kid. and coincidentally, my sister's husband/inlaws are the same way - her mother in law calls lucy an "okie" whose parents don't buy her shoes. silly. anyway, this is pretty innoccuos, but big problems can occur in a marriage if you don't take a look at where you and your spouse came from before you start your own little family........

comments? stories to add?


  • At 1:44 PM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    That's funny. I'm okay with being barefoot. Just the diaper makes me cringe a tiny bit though. :) At least for outside.


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