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Thursday, August 17, 2006

oohh it is so terrible to have your a/c go out when you live in houston. it's 103 degrees today, and 80 degrees inside my house.

i have been on the phone all morning (home w/kiddos today b/c cha cha is at a dr. appt) with the mortgage company, home warranty company, and a/c service companies. why is everyone so stupid? i had to call the mortgage co to get the name of the warranty company, since we pay for it through the mortgage every month. that took forever, b/c the girl kept telling me they don't have record of the warranty, which couldn't be true, since they take my money for it every month. she finally found the name and gave it to me. i called this number, and no one there had a clue what i was talking about. sent me to another number, nothing. turns out this is an insurance and warranty broker, not the actual company i pay money to. explains why i wasn't in their system. called the mortgage people back, and they come up with another name of an actual warranty company. good. called them, they give me a claim number and the number of a service company. called them, and everyone is in a meeting, they will call me back. two hours later, i call and leave another message. a few minutes later, they call back, and tell me that they can't come out until next tuesday. five days. you are out of your damn mind. so i call the warranty company back to see if they can give me another service company. at this point, the girl on the phone says, actually, your warranty expired in july, so you are free to call whomever you want. excuse me? why have i still been paying for a warranty that is expired? she sends me to an enrollment agent to renew my warranty, so i can get someone out here to fix the durn a/c - we're having company this weekend, for crying out loud. the agent gets on the phone, looks me up and says, no, your contract automatically renewed through your mortgage company, so you are covered. i'm fuming at this point. i told him, fine, can you tell the lady who sent me to you that i do have a current contract, and that it's ok to send someone out here to fix my a/c! umm, sure..hold on. i stay on hold for five minutes and 22 seconds - yes i timed it. finally another agent gets on the line and processes my claim, talking to me like none of this has happened, and she has no idea why i'm annoyed and short with her. gives me a new service company to call. so i just called, and guess what - no one answers! awesome! i left a message, so we'll see. why does this have to be so difficult?


  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    I hope you mentioned you had two children under two and that you were going to rip someone's voice box directly out of their throat if you didn't get immediate service.



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