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Sunday, July 02, 2006

so this coming week, cha cha will be gone on vacation, so i am staying home all week with the two babies! i'm excited and a little worried - she has been such a help while i've been recovering, but i'll get to see how well i handle these two on my own. i'm planning on taking at least one trip to cypress to hang out with katie, so that will be interesting - hopefully a sleepy car ride, not a crying one!

so the early childhood intervention people are coming out tomorrow for an initial interview for aidan. actually, it's just paperwork, and the actual assessment won't be until later, to see if he qualifies with a speech disorder. so all it means for tomorrow is that i need to have the house clean before 10:30 am. and i should probably be up and showered, too. yesterday i didn't have a chance to shower until 1 pm, and even then, i had to leave sadie in the basinet not fully asleep, so (as expected) she started crying 5 minutes into my shower. i try to put them both to sleep at the same time if i can, to give me a little window of freedom. surprisingly, aidan slept right through her screaming. i guess he was pretty beat. he stayed up late with his brothers the night before.

anyway, i really wish aidan would start talking. i think he would be a lot less frustrated being able to express himself. as it is, he cries and whines a whole lot, which gets really hard to handle. jerry more than me - it drives him crazy. i think it will help with cha cha gone for this week - he is rather spoiled with her. she won't force him to talk, and i'm going to try to this week. we'll see how it goes.


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