Within Me Without Me

Thursday, June 29, 2006

So if you don't know what i do at my job, i am aHuman Resources Specialist for a Probation Department. I interview applicants and process new hires. since this is a law enforcement agency, we have certain requirements for eligibility, including a clear criminal history. I know, you would assume that people would know that. We ask on the application if they have a criminal record, then we tell them we'll do a criminal records check, and then, they sign a release form specifically allowing us to do so. So this person lies on the application, then signs the release to allow me to do a records check, and what do you think pops up? two counts of forgery and one count of delivery of 28 grams of crack cocaine. 10 years probation for the coke, five years deferred for the forgery. and i guess she thought it might slide, or that it wasn't really that big a deal, or that we wouldn't catch it?! so i had to call her up and tell her that although she interviewed well and was selected for processing, she was ineligible for hire, and she has the nerve to be mad at me! sorry sister, you made your bed.


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