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Monday, June 26, 2006

ok, i think we're getting better at this. sadie, surprisingly, has slept from 11 pm til 6 or even 7 am three nights in a row. she is incredible! if i can get her to nap for a good while mid-day, she will stay up late then crash through the night. i hope it's healthy for her to do this already, being only a month old. it sure feels good to me.

i unfortunately have to go back to work wednesday. really sucks. i'll be at work wed and thurs, then i'm home all next week, because our sitter is on vacation in mexico. when she comes back, it's back to the grind for good. everyone at work was shocked that i'll be back so soon - believe me, it's not by choice. our county system only lets you take the amount of hours you have saved up in your sick, comp, and vacation hours. fmla covers it so you don't get in trouble for taking it all, but they don't actually provide time for maternity leave like private companies do. one of the drawbacks to working for the county. i only had five weeks saved up. i guess i didn't plan that very well.... oh well.

we do, however, have the best home care available in cha cha. she is like a grandmother for these two babies. aidan is a little spoiled - ok, rather spoiled. but at least i never worry if he's ok. ever. i sometimes feel sorry for her real grandchildren - i hope they don't feel like she loves my kids more than them!!

aidan will have to go to daycare soon, which bums me out a little. i know he's going to wail and scream and cry for hours his first day - probably all the first week at least. we're on a waiting list at the best day care in town, so it's really just a waiting game to see how long he gets to stay home. could be a month, could be till the end of the year. poor little guy. i know it will be great for him, and he'll really enjoy it and learn a whole lot, and probably start talking (!) sooner, but i just feel badly that he'll be so traumatized. how concerned should i be that he's over two years and still not talking? i mean he has a few words he says well, and many he barely says, and he's not yet putting sentences together or anything. we have a meeting with eci next week, as referred by my doctor. but i don't know, i know he takes everything in, and can do whatever i tell him to do, he undestands it all, just doesnt' want to talk. it does get frustrating, for me and for him i'm sure, but i just feel that he's coming along, slowly. we'll see what the "expert" says.

so at the doctor today, he gave me a "clean bill of health' and the go ahead to go back to work. he also gave the "you can have sex again" speech, and talked to me about birth control. he knows we use natural family planning, and i guess before i thought he was more supportive of it, since it was what helped us conceive the second time. but he was rather flippant, and said, "oh that's right you're a very strong catholic. you know, catholics can't even use condoms. i guess you won't be going to see the davinci code, right? " and i said, "yes, yes i know, and no." he seems to be very sure that the pill is the only way to prevent pregnancy, and fully expects to see me back in a few months, pregant again because i think breastfeeding is a surefire way to ward off pregnancy forever. oh well, you can't convince them all.

so the baby is asleep now, and aidan is awake, so i should spend some quality time while i have it.


  • At 1:04 PM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    Is Cha Cha still going to watch Sadie? How come Aidan is going to school? For the talking and social stuff mostly?

    ECI is good. They'll give you lots of cool strategies and stuff. Don't worry, he will catch up and be fine. I have one about to be three who's just started talking more than one or two words at a time, and I'm still pretty much the only one who can understand him.

    I think people stress over it a lot more now because so many kids are in daycare and "socialization" is expected at an earlier age. As long as he's talking by kindergarten, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Plus when he does talk, I'm sure it's two languages from being with cha cha all day, so that's good. :)

  • At 8:14 PM, Blogger Kate said…

    What a nice doctor you have! Jeez. Way to be supportive of your choices. People who really know how to use NFP can be very, very effective. It always annoys me when people assume that because you're Catholic you're stupid without a thought of your own in your head.

    Anyway, if this makes you feel any better, I was 22 months before I said more than bababababa. And then my parents couldn't shut me up. And you know that boys are often later than girls with this kind of stuff. :)

  • At 10:45 PM, Blogger Carrie said…

    kep - yes, for the social part mostly. he still won't let anyone watch him but brothers, parents, and chacha. plus, i think he'll really enjoy day care. it's harder to take 2 kids to do fun stuff when you're by yourself - esp chacha, as an older lady. although i know she showers him with love all day, and theres never another opportunity for that. i'm so conflicted!


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