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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

warning - welcome to my astros rant!!

those of you who snore through televised baseball only when forced to, go ahead and click the "next blog" button now.

So anyone who knows me knows that one of the other things i'm passionate about is baseball. and i have been an astros fan since i can remember. so this year, they're just killing me! after making it to the world series, and then losing the closest sweep ever (don't get me started) why do they have to be so mediocre now? all year, jerry and i have been screaming at the tv whenever they put qualls or miller in for relief. and lidge is just done. he and garner can deny it all they want, but ever since he was "pujoled" in the nlcs game 5, he has lost his confidence and has been a shadow of his former self. boy i'd give anything to have wagner back, but you know neither he nor the management will ever let bygones be bygones and try to team up again...

the trade deadline is past, and some are upset that we didn't get another bat, but really all we need is for the bats we have to be more consistent, and the bullpen to stop leaking like a sieve. get rid of qualls, miller, lidge, and springer (who i only like for plunking bonds!!) and let wandy and nieve try their hand at relief. borkowski and wheeler can stay. and all the idiots who say we should have traded everett are just that - idiots. he saves more runs with his defense than anyone one the market could add, in my opinion. and he's getting there with the bat. just give him one more season, and i think he'll come into his own. he's not going to produce like jeter and a-rod, but he doesn't have to. his defense is really that good. the guys we have can hit, they just need to start doing it. huff was a good acquisition - i think ensberg has had his head up his butt for the whole season, and will probably lose his job to huff. and lamb, although i like him, should probably be traded next year too, only because we don't have room for him in the outfield, and he hits too well to be relegated to pinch hitting duty.

it's looking like a no go for the playoffs this year, but hey, stranger things have happened (like last year!)

go stros!!!!!!!


  • At 9:48 PM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    Uh... words....

    do you want a woo or a quack? :)

    At least yelling at the tv gives you something to do.


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