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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is the sign i put on my door at the office whenever i'm pumping. i hear a lot of chuckles outside my door as people walk by!! i think the women get it, but the men are a little confused.

Please do not disturb!

i'm lucky that at my job, i have an office with a door, and it locks too. many women have to pump in the bathroom, or a storage closet or something. last time, i was in a field unit where i was out making home visits most of the day. so i was often pumping in parking lots and vacant parks, hunched over in my car covered with a baby blanket. ahh, the things we do for our kids.

in case anyone is interested, i don't have an electric pump like they recommend for daily pumping. mine is a manual, the Avent Isis pump. it works great, is very quiet, comes in a discreet lunch-box-looking case, and was less than $60, compared with $100-$200 for the electric ones. you can pass that info on to your pregnant friends, if they have to go back to work...and while i'm making recommendations, i would just like to get on my soap box and say that i can't tell you how strongly i feel about breastfeeding your babies!! aidan never had an ear infection, and truly has never been really sick, short of the sniffles a time or two. they have both gained weight marvelously. and gosh it's easy to pack up and go somewhere when you don't have to bring bottles, formula, bottled water, etc. not to mention my favorite thing about breastfeeding - I'VE ALREADY LOST ALL MY BABY WEIGHT AND SHE'S ONLY 7 WEEKS OLD!!!

of course i still have the c-section stomach "pooch", but the fat is dropping off. i do need to actually start excercising a little soon, to maximize the effects....my sister sent me a pilates dvd that i'm going to try.

so happy to not be pregnant anymore, so i can actually enjoy being active again!


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