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Sunday, July 23, 2006

the "Carrie wants" meme

i got this from kep's blog - enter your name + wants in google, and see what comes up. here are some good ones for mine...

Carrie wants...to take Doug to the hospital right away but he insists on securing the loan first. (episode of king of queens - love that show!!)

Carrie wants...to return to her childhood home in Bountiful, Texas (i wonder if it's anything like my childhood home of cypress, tx?)

Carrie wants...to feed the birds, so she takes her sandwich to them.

Carrie wants...roller blades more than anything, but her family cannot afford to buy her a pair. (that was me wanting liz claiborne purses and guess jeans...i'm glad my mother was sensible and frugal enough not to buy them for us!)

Carrie wants...what every liberated female character on the show is without-is a committed relationship with a wonderful man.(regarding the show sex and the city. i never watch it, but i do have what she wants with my wonderful hubby)

Carrie wants...to see pictures of you with your beautiful stretch marks (eeek!)

Carrie wants...to quit smoking (did that a long time ago, although i hate to admit that sometimes i miss it.)

Carrie wants...to be popular and doesnt want to be made fun of (about the movie Carrie) (although it sounds good to me too)

Carrie wants...us to go to the theatre (sounds great!)

Carrie wants...us to build a fort." "And you have to help" (even better!!)


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