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Monday, September 25, 2006

Cas the Astros do it again!!??

Went to the Astros game on Friday night with my mom, her "friend" john, and my friend bianca. it was a great game - complete with walk-off game winning hit, lead changes and everything. but little did i know we'd end up sweeping the four game series!! i went friday thinking that i'd have fun at the game, and it would be nice to see them win, but with no illusions that they might actually be in contention. after last night's win, they are 3.5 games out - could they pull it off?

i am a true astros fan, and i know that i can't really get my hopes up too much, to save my heart from being broken again. but i'm still excited!!

saying prayers for intervention from st. jude, the patron saint of lost causes!

jerry says i'm silly, that it's not important enough to pray about, but hey, i can't help it.


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