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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

weekend away

We had a fun weekend in galveston at my mom's condo. alec wasn't able to come, b/c he'd been sick the week before, and had too much makeup work to do for school. so jerry and i and noah and the babies left friday night, and arrived around 10 pm. woke up saturday morning and made breakfast in the little kitchenette, then got to the beach around noon. aidan had the best time, i swear that boy is a fish. he was running in the waves, getting knocked down, and squealing with laughter the whole time. never cried or whined about the salt water or anything. i had to chase him down twice when he was going in too deep. sadie enjoyed the water too, and looked extremely cute in her little mono-kini bathing suit and hat. she even got a little tan while we were there. dad and noah did some boogie boarding, caught a hermit crab, and built a sand castle.

we got back to the condo, cleaned up a little, ate sandwiches, then headed for the pool for more swimming. the pool was great - it's like a beach also, like a wave pool without the waves. so sadie and i hung out at the shalllow end, and jerry, noah and aidan ran around in the water. aidan is really getting good at swimming - not much on form, but he kicks and paddles pretty well. he can swim about 5 feet. although, once he learned that he could touch the bottom, he just held his breath and walked on the pool floor. clever.

went to the rainforest cafe for dinner - it was packed, and it took forever to get fed, but the awesome food was worth it. they had boardwalk games in front of the restaurant, and we sat outside and enjoyed the sea air (or sweated our tails off, however i choose to remember it...)

sunday it was rainy, which worked out well, b/c we went to moody gardens, which is mostly indoors. there is an awesome aqurium there, where we saw penguins, seals, all manner of fish and sharks, and all other things fishy. jerry and noah saw a spongebob movie in imax 4-d. not only do you get the 3-d glasses, but there are other effects that happen during the movie, like spraying water or things rustling around your ankles that make it more realistic. they loved it.

oh, and i forgot to mention that we lost aidan for what seemed like an eternity in the parking lot of the condo! it was probably more like 45 seconds or a minute, but we were packing up the car, and he was gone!! the three of us ran around like mad calling for him (as if he always comes running when you call him - usually he runs the other way!!) i thought for sure he had been hit by a car already, or snatched into one of the many that were leaving the parking lot. anyway, i finally found him by the elevators, where a family was getting on, and they called to me, asking if this was aidan, and that he had tried to get on the elevator with them. by that time, he was just calmly playing with the rocks next to the sidewalk, and looked up at me as if nothing in the world was wrong. oh, that boy. i've got to get a leash.

anyway, the rest of sunday was pleasant, and we had to get home in time for noah's first baseball game of the fall. (we needn't have rushed, because it was rained out.) but all the better, so we had some time to put the house back togther to start all over on monday.

good weekend, and a good way to close out the summer...


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