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Monday, February 26, 2007

back again

yes, i've been gone for so long!

i meant to write a nice long and meaningful post about the ash wednesday mass i attended at the holy cross chapel downtown, but i have literally been running since wednesday after work, and i only just stopped last night.

i attended/volunteered at a juvenile law conference for three days (including saturday!! i forgot how much i hate working on saturday!) then baked a cake for the boy scout banquet, a casserole for the unitas church group potluck, attended both events, did piles of laundry, and hit kroger again, and just to let you know, i saved $22 in coupons yesterday, so including the $$ i saved getting the sale items (dog food was $8 off!!!) i got $125 worth of groceries for 80 bucks. i rock.

anyway, now it's back at work for more hiring fun.

i'm giving up cokes/sodas/soft drinks (however you say it in your part of the country) for lent. so i'm dealing with this lack of caffiene headache now too.

so that gets me to the comment about the ash wednesday mass - i loved what the priest said about ashes and suffering. some people ask why we wear the ashes all day after we recieve them, and some go so far as to accuse us of "proclaiming" our righteousness by doing so, which would be in direct opposition to jesus' command to pray and fast in secret. but the priest explained that the ashes are not a proclamation of righteousness, but an acknowlegement of sin. i wear the ashes because i am admitting to the world that i am a sinner, and that i will be using the season of lent to steer my thoughts and actions toward transformation and leaving sin behind. what a great way to think about that. i know plenty of people who don't go to mass all year, but they show up for ash wednesday to get the ashes so they can run around with a symbol of "faith" on thier forheads for a day, but i think the majority of catholics really do identify with this time of year as a time for really trying to change and put god first, and remember the suffering he endured for us.

so anyway, my nose has been away from the grindstone long enough.

next time, i'll tell you a little about the conference and how the kids did staying at uncle carlos and aunt dena's house on saturday.

happy monday!


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