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Friday, October 13, 2006

day off!

so today i'm home with the kiddos.

the original reason was that we were going to go on a trip to dallas today as soon as jerry got off work, but that's no longer the plan. here's what happened:

alec, my 15 year old stepson had gotten information about a program at UNT where you complete your last 2 years of high school and your first year of college at the same time. it's for very bright kids (which he is) and for high achievers (which we hoped the chance at this would help him to be...)

alec is very capable, and he was psyched at the prospect of a program like this. we've planned this trip this weekend for weeks, for their orientation/informational meeting. until yesterday we find out that on his progress report, he is failing 2 classes, has 2 c's and the only a is in PE.

needless to say, the trip is cancelled. we are not interested in spending hundreds of dollars we don't have on going to check out a program he has not the slightest chance of getting into with grades like this. there are other meetings during the year. if he can get his act together, we will consider going another time.

he is way too smart to fail high school classes. seriously - and i have high standards. the kid just doesn't put out the effort. and he is too disorganized to keep track of his stuff. he is actually failing because he can't be bothered to turn stuff in. how sad is that. i've been threatening for years to pin his homework to his shirt in the morning before he goes to school.

the biggest problem for us is that he lives with his mother. he is only with us one school day out of the week. no one at his mother's house is the least bit interested in how he's doing in school, hence the lackadasical attitude towards school. and now, all of a sudden, when grades would really help him do something he wants to do, he doesn't have the habits and values we've been trying to instill in him for so long. she has resisted jerry's suggestions for so long,and it's finally coming back to bite alec in the butt. i hope something good can come of all this soon. i hope he can get his act together, and get his grades on track, because plunking down a bunch of money on programs like this or even on college just isn't something we can do. not without a money tree in the backyard.

so anyway, i still took the day off, anyway, since i had already planned to. we're going to play outside in the (finally) cool weather!

happy friday!


  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    TAMS, yes? My brother in law did that. It's a good program. I hope this will help Alec maybe realize that this stuff is actually important and not just parental nagging.

    And how fun to have the day off! I hope the weather is as nice there as it is here. :)


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