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Monday, October 02, 2006

running me ragged

so noah had his second baseball game of the fall ball season yesterday. this is the city little league, which is rather competitive. he is still kind of catching up with the other kids. he's one of the youngest on the team (10, 11 and 12 year olds) and has only played one season of baseball at the ymca. this experience really hardly counts, since the coaches gave them next to no direction, and just kind of threw them out there and told them to catch the ball, and don't worry if we lose, because everyone is a winner anyway. annoying. so noah has a ways to go to develop his skills, but it's good that he's started in the fall, which is kind of the off season, and less competitive than regular spring season. he is being pushed pretty hard, which is what he needs. this is a kid who sat on his butt in front of the tv or computer all summer getting white and flabby instead of tan and lean. but he is enjoying playing, and wants to get better, it's just a little difficult to get him to practice outside of practice. like swinging the bat a little, or throwing at the pitch back in the back yard. he wants it to come easy, and it won't. well, we keep encouraging him, and giving pointers, and playing catch, so hopefully he'll get it. he's already improved so much.

anyway, sunday was pretty funny - aidan would not sit still at the game. i let him run up and down next to the field as we watched the game. what i didn't know is that there is an outfield gate that was chained closed, but still could be pushed open about 7 inches or so. just enough for aidan to squeeze through and run out onto the field during the game, while noah's team was in the field. i ran over there, but needless to say, i couldn't squeeze my big butt through that opening. i called to him, but he just grinned and ran. sigh. so another little boy there (about 8 years old) volunteered to squeeze through and grab him. but not before they had to stop the game because of the two year old out there playing left field. as soon as i gathered my child, thanked the 8 year old bounty hunter, and returned red-faced to the bleachers, my husband suggested that maybe the babies and i should go on home. good idea. i love him to death, but boy that kid runs me ragged.

he's not bad, he just loves to explore - that's it!!


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