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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

climbing back onto the earth

yes, i did fall off the edge of the earth for a while....but i'm back!

thanks for all the birthday/anniversary wishes! last week was fun but hectic! on monday our sitter told us she needed to go to mexico right away for the rest of the week. so we were scrambling trying to find a way to get the kids taken care of for the week. i ended up staying home two days, jerry stayed home one, and a friend watched them for us for one day. and i do my best (practically only!) blogging from work - hence the long absence....

the astros game was great, even though we lost 14-1. i mean, it was the most terrible game i've ever seen, but my sister and i had a great time. we made three cool, sparkly, witty signs, and were sure that we would be seen on tv, but no such luck. that is, unless jerry (who was instructed to watch the whole thing) was doing his flipping channels during commercials thing, and missed us. who knows. but we didn't even get on the jumbo-tron in the stadium?!! they don't know what they missed....

we waited for saturday to do sadie's bday - so her big brothers would be there too. pink cake with pink frosting - she loved it, and made quite a mess! i did my best, but there is still pink cake stuck in the crevices of the high chair. it's not fair - with other stuff, you clean it, and it looks pretty good. but with that bright pink cake, it practically glows, so you have to get every speck out to make it look clean. i'll have to really attack it this week....

so i got a sewing machine for my birthday!!! i'm so excited! i had told jerry it's what i wanted, but i wasn't sure if he took me seriously. i just really wanted something i can do something creative with - as a stress outlet. and i've always thought it would be cool to be able to sew things for myself and the kids, like my mom did when we were kids. she made several prom and banquet dresses, halloween costumes, etc. and i can't wait to try it too! i know a little - like how to read and cut a pattern, and some of the terminology, but i will be starting at page one of the manual, and probably get some beginner books and we'll go from there! yay!

next - i didn't get the job i applied for, but my friend bianca did! i'm so psyched for her. she and i have been in HR together for the past year, and both applying for many of the same positions... i think she's a better fit for that position anyway. she'll do great. but now i have to find someone else to go to lunch and snark about co workers with!!

so now i'm off to catch up on all of your blogs that i haven't read for a week!

but i'll leave you with a photo of the april/may birthday club - this was the party we had at my mom's a few weekends ago.....enjoy!


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