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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


so is anyone else watching the tv show the black donnellys? we saw last week and again last night - it's really cool. italian gangsters vs. irish gangsters. it's a pretty wicked story line, and last night i almost retched when they were stuffing the dead bookie into a barrel....but cool show nonetheless. i think it's on NBC, but i don't know. and we also discovered that we can watch shows on the internet that we miss...i know, we're behind the times. so sunday night we caught up on a few episodes of my name is earl that we hadn't seen. man i love that show. joy is so damn funny! my favorite joy quote: i win a beauty contest every mornin' when i walk out the front door!!

and we also saw 2 episodes of 30Rock
and it's hilarious too. it's really well written - i like tina fey in it a lot more than i ever did on snl. and even though alec baldwin is getting older, he's still hot!

in other news....

we found out the other day that aidan is at the top of the waiting list now to get into the daycare we've been waiting on. it's been almost a year since i first went there to try to register him. needless to say, it's a great place, and will be great for him. jerry's older two went there when they were small, and the owners are very nice ladies. so it might happen soon! i have very mixed emotions about this - he is going to cry his eyes out. he cries when i leave the room to go to the bathroom and shut the door on him. he cried this morning when i got in the shower and didn't let him in. separation is hard for him. it's usually ok when i leave for work, because chacha is there, and he loves her probably as much as he loves me. but without one of us, he's gonna have a really hard time. he did stay with uncle carlos and aunt dena last saturday for a few hours, and she swears he did fine after about 1/2 hour of wailing. he calmed down and played witht he other kids. but we went back to their house on monday evening for carlos' birthday, and as soon as we pulled into the neighborhood, aidan recognized it and started wailing again, thinking we were going back there to leave him again. he cried for an hour while we were in the house, even while i kept reassuring him that we weren't leaving. it's just going to break my heart to leave him at the daycare, even though i know in the long run it will be good for him to socialize with other kids, increase his speaking skills, and have more things to do all day. my poor little guy.

anyway, i'm typing this at my desk at work while eating my salad for lunch - busy days mean no leaving for lunch! so back to the grindstone i go.....


  • At 2:30 PM, Blogger Chel said…

    We love "Earl," too. My favorite Joy line was when she was on the anti-depressants & she told her neighbor that she was gonna stop taking her happy pills & come back in three days to give them the Christmas a**-whipping she promised. Oh, my goodness, we laughed.

  • At 4:39 AM, Blogger Aimee said…

    The joys of Joy - I agree! To be honest, I never thought Jaime Pressley had it in her, but I stand corrected.

    And I hate when they cry, too. Older Girl used to cry when I left her at school, but she got over it pretty quickly. I delayed preschool for The Boy because he was permanently attached to my leg, and I'd already done the whole preschool thing for myself :)
    Actually, he also had his speech/motor delays, plus Rob was called up with the reserves and gone for a year, so I blamed it on all that. He still cried, but not as much.
    And now they both LOVE it and would rather be there than here. What does that say about our house?!

  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger Esther said…

    You gotta love Earl. And his Ex-wife is the best. Real piece of class. Just white trashes finest ;o)
    We watch every week.


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