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Monday, December 11, 2006

sneaky sneak

so maybe it's not fair, but oh well. since i'm in human resources, i have access to the hiring database, and well, you see where this is going.

i'm one of the top three! it's now between me and the two other women who have actually been assisting in court for the past few years. one is my friend, and the other is a silly unprofessional backstabber (which is why she doesn't already have the job).

so yay for me! i guess i did do better than i thought.

in other news, the christmas party was fun, and no, i did not get hypnotized this weekend. however, since jerry is new at the job, he was one of the hypno-tees! (how cool, i made up a new word!) now, anyone who knows my husband knows that he is outgoing and goofy, but a very strong willed/opinionated person. and i was so sure that they would not be able to 'get him'. in fact, the thought occurred to me that i might even lose a modicum of respect for him if he was, in fact, "weak" enough to be put under.

so the guy chose 10 people to be up on stage, then started his relaxation suggestion stuff, which took about 7 minutes. i think they take that many poeple just because they know that not everyone is willing or able to be put under. so as he went on, he kind of weeded out the ones who couldn't be done.

i was rooting for him all the way, the whole time in my head, "don't let'em get you babe!!" and sure enough, he was the first one asked to go sit down. he said he really wasn't fighting it, but he couldn't keep his mind from wandering and thinking and checking on itself, so he felt pretty much nothing. i told him how proud i was of him, which he also thought was funny. and he was happy that i would still respect him in the morning.

anyway, the ones they did get did some moderately silly things, like be in a strong man contest, and make ugly faces at a teacher they didn't like, and explain to a turkey what will be happening at the thanksgiving dinner. so it was pretty entertaining.

aidan and sadie spent the evening with my mom. aidan was crying already when we left. mom said he cried for about 1/2 hour, then calmed down, and was willing to play with her. sadie did fine until around 9 pm, then cried for about 1/2 hour also, but that's her fussy bedtime anyway. so i was mostly pleased with that.

anyway, that's the weekend update. now i'm just waiting on pins and needles for the job news! i'll keep you posted!


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