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Monday, December 04, 2006

happy monday!

i'm at home this morning - chacha has a dr. appointment, so she'll be here around noon. which works out well, because aidan has speech therapy again today, and last week when they came, he wouldn't play with her, and the only word he would say was "no." he's a little more comfortable when i'm here.

he has been improving, little by little. we had an appointment with the audiologist on thursday, just for a hearing screen. i knew there was nothing wrong with his hearing, since he can hear the train whistle blowing from a mile away while we're inside the house (he yells, choo choochoocho choo choo!! until we acknowlege that yes, i hear the train!) so we just went and spent $25 on a specialist copay to tell me something i already knew - no hearing problems. and he only was able to complete one test, because he freaked the hell out when they tried to put the things in his ears to test them separately. i had to sit in the chair with him and hold him with my arms and legs, just so the doctor could look in his ears and mouth. this kid haaaates doctors. and barbers. and pretty much anyone who isn't a family member touching him. oh well, we won't have to work too hard to teach him stranger danger....

anyway, so he is improving his speech though. he now says pupp-ee for puppy, instead of puh. and oww-ee, and uh-oh. they were concerned that he didn't say any two syllable words, without them being the same syllable repeated. oh, and he also said his first two word phrase too!!! he calls our dog, saying "dii! meer!" (translation: dixie, c'mere!) i was so proud of him. big step.

he also, apparantly has discovered some jewish roots, since his uh-oh has for some reason turned into "uh-oy!" cracks me up every time.

now on to the girl: sadie has cut her second tooth, and can sit up for about five minutes at a time without doing a face plant. she's awesome. she loves to sit in the high chair and play with colored plastic bowls. loves them, even more than whatever toy i put up there for her.

so that's the update on the kiddos.

now on to something completely different.

so i have two coworkers who are men, who really can't stand each other. why? one's an ex-military, very intense manly guy, and the other is a goofy, whiny kissass (for lack of a better term - sorry.) so i'm very excited because we're going to do a secret santa, and rig it so they have to buy each other gifts!! my two female coworkers are in on it too. i'll let you know how it turns out.

speaking of work, there's this supervisory position i've applied for. interviews should take place later this week. six thousand more per year! not that it's just about the money....it's a position in the courtroom, as a liason between the probation dept and the court. i've got all the experience necessary, and i really am ready to get back to working with our clients instead of hr. i mean, it's what i went to school for, it's the reason i've stayed with this department for all these years. so we'll see. wish me luck.

anyone got some good interview tips to share?


  • At 6:23 AM, Blogger phdatc said…

    Interview tips, well I guess I got my job, so... look them in the eye, wear comfortable shoes (i didn't do this one), have questions for them prepared.

    You'll WOW 'em, I'm sure!


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