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Friday, December 08, 2006

eeh...it was alright

i didn't feel like i knocked em dead, but it wasn't too bad. i feel like i managed to spit out what it was i wanted to say, but it didn't flow really well. and i got kind of flustered and felt my face heating up a little, but i kept my composure.

my boss was on the interview panel, and later on, she said i did great. so what happens is the panel submits their choices for the top three candidates, then the deputy director chooses the person from those top three. since i have access to the personnel database, i'll be covertly checking to see if i at least made the top three....if i did, i'll be happy, even if i'm not chosen. i'm friends with most of the people who interviewed, and a few of us were sitting in the waiting room before and after the interviews, talking about the job, being nervous, how we babble like idiots in our intervies, etc. i felt good about that, just knowing that we all are mature professional women who arent' catty about this job. i know a few who are catty and stupid about it though, and i'm glad they weren't in the room with me. i just feel good knowing that if i'm selected, the people whose opinions i respect will be genuinely happy for me, since they all know we're all very qualified. it's good to work with people who are cool like that.

anyway, jerry's company christmas party is tomorrow. filet mignon and shrimp for dinner!!! and they're having a hypnotist as the entertainment. no, faithful readers, i will not be hypnotised into doing all kinds of crazy things, so don't be loooking for that story from me on monday!!!

oh, and i did get two new suits from palais royal last night!! they were having a one day sale, so one was $50 and the other was $24!! and i got hose and accessories to go with - and only spent a total of $134. i was thrilled. AND jerry kept the babies at home with him for two hours while i shopped, just so i could have my sanity. what a great guy.

ok. 2 hours til the five o'clock whistle blows!!!!!


  • At 3:59 PM, Blogger Kelli in the Mirror said…

    Oh, don't kid yourself. You'll do the crazy things. But if you don't tell us, it'll feel like it didn't really happen. :)

    Good luck on the job thang. Keep us posted.

  • At 7:09 PM, Blogger ChupieandJ'smama said…

    Hope the job works out. I'm sure you did better than you thought. Hope you had fun at the Christmas party. And whoo hoo for the suits. 2 suits for that price is awesome. I'm soooo jealous:)


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